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A wonderful table lamp carefully hand crafted by experienced and professional tinsmiths, recreating a classic Early American style in heavy gauge tin made from recycled metals.The lamp is a classic Paul Revere Lantern with a classic and enduring WILLOW pattern, and is complimented with a punched tin shade with matching WILLOW pattern. The metal is finished with durable heat resistant lacquer in ever-popular Rustic Brown, which compliments any color scheme. It is the perfect lamp to accent any Country, Rustic, or Early American decor, and is right in style with the latest decorating trends! The lamp itself is 6″ wide at the base and 26 1/4″ tall to the top of the finial. The well proportioned shade is 8″x12″x15″, and the WILLOW pattern matches and reinforces the styling of the base! A standard light bulb on top and a torpedo bulb in the base illuminate your reading area and highlight the expert tinsmithing and punch-work. The lamp will accommodate standard incandescent bulbs as well as energy saving CFL and LED bulbs. (Light bulbs are not included-they are inexpensively and readily available anywhere) An outstanding hand crafted lamp with everything you would expect in a first quality reproduction, and which will make any room a “great room”. It will be a lamp that is enjoyed over the many years, and will be passed on with wonderful appreciation from future generations. It will truly become a treasured family heirloom.

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